Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14
Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14
Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14
Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14
Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14
Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14

Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14

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Ethiopia Agaro Nano Genji #14 - 8 oz. (Whole Bean Only)

”Agaro” is by far the most unique coffee we’ve offered to date. Flavor interpretations were wide and varied among tastings. Agaro is a treat to drink at varying temperatures; sweet dark sugars when hot, vibrant floral and citrus as it cools.

Flavors / Characteristics

sweet grapefruit | rose petal | golden raisin | brown sugar | pecan | apple | pear | organic | multi-dimensional | silky med-heavy body | lingering finish | sweet | clean | bright

Roast Level: Super Light

Country Ethiopia
Zone, District Jimma, Agaro Gera
Washing Station Nano Genji
Producer Kata Muduga Coop. Union
Varietal Ethiopia Landraces
Processing Washed / Drying raised bed
Altitude 1900 - 2200 masl
Harvest Year 2023

More about MTS3 - Agaro Nano Genji #14

This dynamic coffee is a pleasure to drink at all temperature ranges. Hot, the coffee is sweet with a layers of darker sugar flavors, graham, and nutty. As it cools, the bright high floral and citrus notes pop out and become forward in the cup. This coffee is best prepared in a pourover style with paper filter.

If anyone can remember the Ethiopian Yukro we had in the past, this coffee would be like its cousin. It is from the same area and features some of the same heirloom coffee varietals. It's similar, yet different. The super light roast significantly highlights sweet florals and citrus reminiscent of the coffees origins.

Bursting with complex flavors of sweet grapefruit, rose petal, golden raisin, brown sugar, pecan, apple/pear, just to name a few. It's likely that various preparations of this coffee will highlight specific flavors that differ from person to person.

Additional Information:
Nano Genji is a sibling mill of the more well known Nano Challa located in part of the Agaro region in Jimma, Ethiopia. Imported by Red Fox Coffee Merchants, and produced by the Kata Muduga Cooperative Union, this group has grown from less than one hundred smallholder farms to a membership of over 630 members between the two washing stations. Historically one of the most coveted coffees in all of Western Ethiopia, Nano Challa membership did such an amazing job with production and processing that the tremendous premiums they were receiving caused their membership to swell to a level that pushed their capacity as far as it could go. In 2019 they opened Nano Genji, a few miles away with brand new Penagos equipment, along with dozens of drying beds to accommodate their growing membership.

Processing is meticulous in Agaro, after Penagos processing equipment mechanically removes most of the fruit and mucilage from the seeds, they soak overnight in fiberglass tanks, allowing any remaining sugars to be fully removed from their surface so that the coffees are perfectly clean by the time they hit the drying beds for the 8+ days they’ll need to dry.

Ethiopia Landraces varietals are the heirloom, or original coffee varietal of Ethiopia, and is often regarded as the original coffee varietal of Ethiopia. Hundreds of small farms bring their coffee cherry to the washing station for processing, sorting, grading, and export.

We're happy to bring some of the "best of the best" Ethiopian coffees to our Mixed Tape Series.


Tasting Room Events

One of the current ways we serve our home town of Topeka, KS includes promoting community and featuring local businesses through our Tasting Room Events we host in our roasting facility.  We pair up a local food provider with lots and lots of our coffee.  Our goal in these events is to bring a large group together to celebrate being together in person, and to enjoy excellent locally produced goods and flavors.  We feel this is something worth investing our time and profits in.  Our world is in desperate need of more face-time with each other and overall support of our local businesses.  Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on upcoming events.

Community Pour

Community Pour is a pop-up coffee experience we facilitate at our retail partner coffee-shop locations.  100% of proceeds will go toward a local charity chosen by our hosting shop.  Our menu will consist of one non-customizable drink presentation, featuring extreme quality ingredients to create a unique one of a kind tasting experience.  We will share flavors that may not make sense to offer on a regular menu, but just scream “try me”!  Quality at its finest, showcasing local ingredient providers when possible, and the skills of the barista.  Balanced flavors that aren’t masked by the overuse of sweeteners.  All drinks will be served “dine-in” in ceramic or glass vessels to be enjoyed on premises.  Meeting, greeting and deep conversations are highly encouraged!  For upcoming dates and places, keep an eye on our social platforms or be subscribed to our email list.

Trash Mountain Project:  A Meal For Every Bag Program

Trash Mountain Project exists to develop Christ-centered environments for children and families living in trash dump communities worldwide.  When you purchase a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from anywhere, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need at a trash dump community.  To date, we have been able to provide over 170,000 meals through the program.

Dialogue Coffee House is a business that is creating change in everyday pace of life in a diverse culture, celebrating individuals of ALL abilities.  Beyond our coffee roasting duties, we have been blessed to consult and help implement the best possible equipment package to equip their staff for excellence, while allowing more inclusive participation.  Dialogue has expanded from one location in early 2023, to three locations by the end of the year.  We celebrate their mission and continued growth!



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