We made a place for coffee people...

A jazz musician would have called this place a rehearsal room, or maybe their funky groove lab.  A special place where skill is developed and serves as an origin of the amazing complex music you hear on a finished vinyl masterpiece.

Similarly, Our Training Lab/Tasting Room is a 2500 square foot space in our roastery that we have set aside and equipped for the purpose of developing coffee professionals.  It is where we build in to our closest coffee shop partners through barista development, professional coffee cupping, general coffee education and more.  When you experience those tasty beats we drop in your cup at a Blue Jazz supporting coffee shop, just know that countless hours were spent in the lab helping to make that encounter as close to perfect as possible.

Our lab is equipped with Synesso Hydra MVP pressure profiling espresso machines, Mahlkonig Grinders, Commercial Brewers and pro grade equipment galore.  Nothing but the finest instruments for our coffee musicians.