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Mix Tape Series
Mix Tape Series
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Mix Tape Series

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CURRENT OFFERING: Burundi - Gahahe, Kayanza Region - 8 oz.

Super-Light Roast! This coffee is the lightest we've ever roasted to date.

Classic Burundi flavors with high complexity and brightness. Light, clean
body. Flavors of warm spiced raisin bread, dark brown sugar and honey, dark
chocolate, black tea, baking spices, pecan, yellow grapefruit, orange, and
tart apple.
This coffee has an upfront spiced raisin bread with dark chocolate, pecan, and baking spices with changes in flavor as it cools to highlight citrus such as grapefruit and orange with some tart apple crispness. Overall dark sugar and honey sweetness with a light, clean body. If you like a bright coffee, this one shines with flavor and complexity while maintaining a classic Burundi undertones.

 If you like variety and exotic flavors, this will be an item you want to watch closely.  With the new addition of our Mill City 2 Kilo roaster, we are able to bring in micro lots of coffees we are excited about, but might not be best suited for the bulk of our customer base.  Don't get us wrong, these are incredible, very premium coffees we will bring in.  They will have pronounced tasting notes, and vibrancy like you may have never experienced before.  Typically, they will be of a lighter roast than you have seen from us before.  Light, bright, and full of their natural characteristics of origin.  Very limited offerings, so don't count on it being in stock tomorrow.  8 oz., whole bean only.

More about Burundi Gahahe:

Gahahe Washing Station is located in the province of Kayanza and was established in 1989. Farmers here own less than half a hectare of land, on average, and in addition to growing coffee, they also grow crops like bananas, beans, yams, taro, and cassava, both for sale and for household use.
There are 1,740 farmers that deliver to this washing station. Each farmer has roughly 240 trees on about a tenth of a hectare of land. Due to the small size and yield on the average coffee farm or plot, washing stations are the primary point of purchase in Burundi.
Unlike other coffee-growing regions in Central and South America where landholdings are slightly larger and coffee-centric resources are more available, most producers do not have space on their property or the financial means to do their wet- or dry-milling. Instead, the majority of growers deliver cherry to a facility that does sorting, blending, and post-harvest processing of day lots to create different offerings.
While the logistics of buying coffees from Burundi are extremely challenging, we (the coffee importer) love the heavy figgy, fruity, and lively coffees here.

Blue Jazz is a second generation, family owned coffee company.  A love for God, people, and a pursuit of excellence in all we do continues to drive us forward.  As a priority, we consider how to best add value to our fellow humans around us while curating the best tasting coffees the world has to offer!

One way we add value is through our program to support Trash Mountain Project's work in the Dominican Republic.

Drink Coffee.  Feed Hungry Kids.

When you buy a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from any of our available outlets, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need.  For every bag of coffee that leaves our warehouse we purchase a meal for one of our kids through a close partnership with Trash Mountain Project.  To date, we have been able to provide over 150,000 meals through the program.

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