Summertime Cold Brew Blend
Summertime Cold Brew Blend

Summertime Cold Brew Blend

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Blue Jazz Cold Pour Summertime Blend is so refreshing.  You'll find flavor notes that are tropical, fruity, nutty with a natural sweetness.  We recommend our innovative Cold Pour brewing method, allowing you to make fresh cold brew in minutes, as opposed to traditional methods taking 16-24 hours to steep, or slow drip.  To learn more about how to implement Cold Pour brewing in your home, office or retail establishment, please contact us for further details and instruction.  Online instructional videos are available HERE. Our blend name inspiration comes from the song "Summertime," written by George Gershwin in 1934, and quickly became a highly recorded jazz staple.  We love the recordings by the great Ella Fitzgerald and separately by Billie Holiday.  "Summertime and the living is easy. . . ." especially when you have a Blue Jazz Cold Pour in your hand.  The 24 oz. Bag is the perfect portion for the 2 gallon Cold Pour system, and the 12 oz. Bag is portioned for the 1 gallon Cold Pour system.  See how we make our Cold Brew in under 30 minutes!

Blue Jazz is a second generation, family owned coffee company.  A love for God, people, and a pursuit of excellence in all we do continues to drive us forward.  As a priority, we consider how to best add value to our fellow humans around us while curating the best tasting coffees the world has to offer!

One way we add value is through our program to support Trash Mountain Project's work in the Dominican Republic.

Drink Coffee.  Feed Hungry Kids.

When you buy a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from any of our available outlets, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need.  For every bag of coffee that leaves our warehouse we purchase a meal for one of our kids through a close partnership with Trash Mountain Project.  To date, we have been able to provide over 150,000 meals through the program.

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