Summertime Cold Brew Blend
Summertime Cold Brew Blend

Summertime Cold Brew Blend

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Blue Jazz Cold Pour Summertime Blend is so refreshing.  You'll find flavor notes that are tropical, fruity, nutty with a natural sweetness.  We recommend our innovative Cold Pour brewing method, allowing you to make fresh cold brew in minutes, as opposed to traditional methods taking 16-24 hours to steep, or slow drip.  To learn more about how to implement Cold Pour brewing in your home, office or retail establishment, please contact us for further details and instruction.  Online instructional videos are available HERE. Our blend name inspiration comes from the song "Summertime," written by George Gershwin in 1934, and quickly became a highly recorded jazz staple.  We love the recordings by the great Ella Fitzgerald and separately by Billie Holiday.  "Summertime and the living is easy. . . ." especially when you have a Blue Jazz Cold Pour in your hand.  The 24 oz. Bag is the perfect portion for the 2 gallon Cold Pour system, and the 12 oz. Bag is portioned for the 1 gallon Cold Pour system.  See how we make our Cold Brew in under 30 minutes!


Tasting Room Events

One of the current ways we serve our home town of Topeka, KS includes promoting community and featuring local businesses through our Tasting Room Events we host in our roasting facility.  We pair up a local food provider with lots and lots of our coffee.  Our goal in these events is to bring a large group together to celebrate being together in person, and to enjoy excellent locally produced goods and flavors.  We feel this is something worth investing our time and profits in.  Our world is in desperate need of more face-time with each other and overall support of our local businesses.  Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on upcoming events.

Community Pour

Community Pour is a pop-up coffee experience we facilitate at our retail partner coffee-shop locations.  100% of proceeds will go toward a local charity chosen by our hosting shop.  Our menu will consist of one non-customizable drink presentation, featuring extreme quality ingredients to create a unique one of a kind tasting experience.  We will share flavors that may not make sense to offer on a regular menu, but just scream “try me”!  Quality at its finest, showcasing local ingredient providers when possible, and the skills of the barista.  Balanced flavors that aren’t masked by the overuse of sweeteners.  All drinks will be served “dine-in” in ceramic or glass vessels to be enjoyed on premises.  Meeting, greeting and deep conversations are highly encouraged!  For upcoming dates and places, keep an eye on our social platforms or be subscribed to our email list.

Trash Mountain Project:  A Meal For Every Bag Program

Trash Mountain Project exists to develop Christ-centered environments for children and families living in trash dump communities worldwide.  When you purchase a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from anywhere, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need at a trash dump community.  To date, we have been able to provide over 170,000 meals through the program.

Dialogue Coffee House is a business that is creating change in everyday pace of life in a diverse culture, celebrating individuals of ALL abilities.  Beyond our coffee roasting duties, we have been blessed to consult and help implement the best possible equipment package to equip their staff for excellence, while allowing more inclusive participation.  Dialogue has expanded from one location in early 2023, to three locations by the end of the year.  We celebrate their mission and continued growth!



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