Tanzania Peaberry
Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry

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Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, Melon, Cinnamon-Clove Finish Medium Roast - 2 pound bag Tanzania Arabica is cultivated in the famous temperate Highlands (around Kilimanjaro in Moshi and Arusha, around Ngorongoro and Karatu, in the Southern Highlands in Mbeya, Mbozi and Mbinga and on a smaller scale in Kokomo).  The Mbeya region is the largest producer of Arabica coffee in Tanzania.  The Tanzania peaberry is a bold, flavor packed bean, as the single bean contained in the coffee cherry has all of the intensity of two beans. Bourbon Varietal, grown from 1200-2000 meters, washed process, dried on drying beds.      

Blue Jazz is a second generation, family owned coffee company.  A love for God, people, and a pursuit of excellence in all we do continues to drive us forward.  As a priority, we consider how to best add value to our fellow humans around us while curating the best tasting coffees the world has to offer!

One way we add value is through our program to support Trash Mountain Project's work in the Dominican Republic.

Drink Coffee.  Feed Hungry Kids.

When you buy a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from any of our available outlets, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need.  For every bag of coffee that leaves our warehouse we purchase a meal for one of our kids through a close partnership with Trash Mountain Project.  To date, we have been able to provide over 150,000 meals through the program.

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