Ethiopia Yukro

Ethiopia Yukro

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The Yukro Coop was originally formed in 1977, in the village of Wanja Qarsa, in the Gera District of Jimma.  Today, they are part of the Keta MedugaUnion, an umbrella for some of West-Ethiopia’s best performing coffees. This coffee is produced by around 1500 small - holder farms ranging between 1 and 20 hectares. The Cherries are immediately processed after collection; utilizing an eco-friendly Penagos 1500. The mucilage is mechanically removed after it is fermented for 12 hours. Each morning the coffee is then placed on shaded drying beds for 3-4 hours to start the drying process. Then the coffee is dried for 6-7 days on elevated African drying beds, on which it is both moved regularly and sorted. This is a highly complex coffee.  We are finding floral notes, black tea is predominant with an apricot sweetness.  As it cools the flavors become even more pronounced.  One of our all time favorites for the overwhelming complexity of flavors.

Drink Coffee.  Feed Hungry Kids.

When you buy a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from any of our available outlets, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need.  For every bag of coffee that leaves our warehouse we purchase a meal for one of our kids through a close partnership with Trash Mountain Project.  To date, we have been able to provide over 126,636 meals through the program.

We love that you guys allow us to make this type of commitment on your behalf.  If you're not with us yet, come along for a great ride.  We firmly believe that it's good to be a part of things much bigger than ourselves.  Problems that are seemingly unsolvable can be solved if enough of us do a small part in the bigger story.

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