Tasting Room Event: (4/29, 9AM-11AM) Chef Luis Guillen of Luis’ Place
Tasting Room Event: (4/29, 9AM-11AM) Chef Luis Guillen of Luis’ Place
Tasting Room Event: (4/29, 9AM-11AM) Chef Luis Guillen of Luis’ Place
Tasting Room Event: (4/29, 9AM-11AM) Chef Luis Guillen of Luis’ Place
Tasting Room Event: (4/29, 9AM-11AM) Chef Luis Guillen of Luis’ Place

Tasting Room Event: (4/29, 9AM-11AM) Chef Luis Guillen of Luis’ Place

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Join us on Saturday morning, 4/29, from 9-11AM (doors don’t open until 9).  Limited to 100 reservations, so jump on the opportunity while you can.

Chef Luis will be preparing his take on a Caribbean Bowl complete with jerk pork, Caribbean Pico, Avocado Sauce and of course mini disc versions of his signature Arepas fresh off of our cast iron grill.  This is his 4th time spoiling us with his ethnic cuisine in our tasting room, so we can pretty much give you the Blue Jazz Guarantee you’re going to like what you taste!  Pictured are various bowls he’s created in the past to give you an idea of what the Caribbean bowl will look like.

We have found that these events are best enjoyed when you arrive at some point within the first 15 minutes of our opening, grab a coffee and settle in for a bit, and then grab some food whenever the line subsides enough to jump in there.  Make it a casual time of conversation over bites of local food with your friends.  Food will be served until 10AM (we want our guest chefs to be able to also enjoy some conversation and community with us for that last hour).


We will have our usual complementary coffee set out, and the cash/credit coffee bar will be open with Jaiden at the espresso machine ready to take good care of your caffeination needs.

As always, lots of Topeka fun, community, love and togetherness over great flavors! Looking forward to seeing you all.  Thommie from Story Factory Media will be behind the lens capturing all of the fun times, so please let us know if you need us to keep your beautiful face off of social media.

No cancellations/refunds after 4/25.  Feel free to offer unused reservations to your friends and have them mention your name to Addie upon entry.

—The Blue Jazz Coffee Crew— (Kevin, Dustin, Addie and Zach)


Event Location:  

Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters

6540 SE Johnston St.

Topeka, KS 66619


Blue Jazz is a second generation, family owned coffee company.  We have challenged ourselves to maximize the amount of good we can layer into the fiber of who we are as a company while still remaining profitable.  Over time, it is our prayer that this list grows beyond where we could have ever dreamed.

Tasting Room Events

One of the current ways we add value here in our home town of Topeka, KS includes promoting community and featuring local businesses through our Tasting Room Events we host in our roasting facility.  Our goal in these events is to bring a large group together to celebrate being together in person, and to enjoy excellent locally produced goods and flavors.  We feel this is something worth investing our time and profits in.  Our world is in desperate need of more face-time with each other and overall support of our local businesses.

Trash Mountain Project:  A Meal 4 Every Bag Program

Another way we have built added value into our product is through our “Meal 4 Every Bag Program,” hosted by Trash Mountain Project.  Trash Mountain Project exists to develop Christ-centered environments for children and families living in trash dump communities worldwide.  Long story short, When you buy a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from any of our available outlets, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need at a trash dump community.  To date, we have been able to provide over 160,000 meals through the program.

Dialogue Coffee House is a business that is creating change in everyday pace of life in a diverse culture, celebrating individuals of ALL abilities.  Beyond our coffee roasting duties, we have been blessed to consult and help implement the best possible equipment package to equip their staff for excellence, while allowing more inclusive participation.  Dialogue has expanded from one location in early 2023, to three locations by the end of the year.  We celebrate their mission and continued growth!



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