Blue Jazz platinum coffee shop partners...

 1) Invest in their people.  Employees will receive a minimum of 100 collective hours of continuing education training every year in the Tasty Beats Training Lab.  To stay on top of areas that need improvement, they subject themselves to a regular secret shopper program.

2) Invest in the best equipment available in the industry.  This includes the best pressure profiling espresso machine, the most precise and robust coffee grinders, scales, timers, kettles that precisely control what your coffee tastes like and keeps consistency from cup to cup.  Platinum partners wish for you to have an impeccable experience every time you visit, and the world's best coffee equipment is a large part of what makes that possible.

3)  Invest in the world's highest quality coffees.  Platinum Partners serve nothing but the finest carefully roasted high grown Arabica specialty grade coffee from across the globe.  Customers are invited to experience the many unique and wonderful flavors that black coffee from various growing regions can offer us.

4)  Invest in others.  We believe that in helping somebody else's life become more abundant, we achieve true purpose in our own lives, and inspire others to do the same.  The more of us there are doing these small things, the bigger the things are that we can accomplish.  In addition to the support of the Blue Jazz Coffee Roaster's meal for every bag sold program, Platinum Partners commit to supporting at least one other cause close to their hearts.

Contact us to find the closest Platinum Partner Coffee Shop near you.

If you wish to apply to be a Platinum Partner Coffee Shop, please view our application here and feel free to contact us for further details.