Monin Organic Honey Sweetener
Monin Organic Honey Sweetener

Monin Organic Honey Sweetener

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This is our go to sweetener for Cold Pour drinks.  Makes the chocolate really come out of our Summertime blend.  2 pumps of this, plus half n' half added to your Cold Pour creates our signature drink. . .The Cold Pour Honey.  Amazing.  Comes in a 1L Plastic bottle.   A bottle pump may be purchased separately for easy dispensing.

Drink Coffee.  Feed Hungry Kids.

When you buy a bag of Blue Jazz Coffee from any of our available outlets, you are also paying for a meal for a child in need.  For every bag of coffee that leaves our warehouse we purchase a meal for one of our kids through a close partnership with Trash Mountain Project.  To date, we have been able to provide over 126,636 meals through the program.

We love that you guys allow us to make this type of commitment on your behalf.  If you're not with us yet, come along for a great ride.  We firmly believe that it's good to be a part of things much bigger than ourselves.  Problems that are seemingly unsolvable can be solved if enough of us do a small part in the bigger story.

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